Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog moved to

After struggling with the limitations of Wordpress, I decided to move my blog from which was kindly hosted by CIT of National University of Singapore (where I work) to on Blogspot (this blog!).

For subscribers reading this via RSS, please change your subscriptions to . For now I will continue to update both blogs concurrently, but I will stop doing so by 1 June 2009.

The reasons for moving

1. Adding Javascript into posts is hard if not impossible.

This page seems to suggest it is possible, but it's way too complicated. Not being able to embed javascript means missing out on the posting of widgets like the Dipity widget in my post Dipity for libraries, or posting direct links to add opensearch plugins in my post Top 10 opensearch searchplugins used at the Information Desk

2. Difficulty of adding plugins

Though Wordpress is very customizable if you host it yourself, in my case, it's by edublogs campus , makes it very difficult to add plugins. In comparison hosting on blogspot, makes it easy to add plugins like Feedburner, Disqus (to aggregate comments).

The reasons for not moving

1. Risk alienating people who already subscribed

I know for sure that there are at least 3 subscribers, I hope they don't mind resubscribing. Also, my blog was already highlighted by Citations

2. Possible misunderstandings

My superiors at NUS Libraries have being very supportive of my decision to blog even though running the blog on the official NUS domain has led to some misunderstandings. Although my decision to move to third party blogspot has being purely for technical reasons, I'm worried the imaginative might read something else into it that isn't there.

Let me out state again for the record, my superiors have being more than supportive (and in more ways than just blogging), generous and open-minded, in allowing me to express my ideas in a blog. I count myself very lucky to be working there.

As such, it would be extremely unjust if they were blamed for this move. I like to thank, CIT (Central for Instructional Technology) in particular Kenneth Pinto for kindly hosting my blog.
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