Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guess what?

First off, for those reading this from a RSS feed reader, do note that there is something wrong with the RSS feed and as such my last post "12 good library videos that spoofs movies or tv"  from last week is not showing up in the feed.

Anyway this week I celebrate 3 years in librarianship. I'll spare you the whole mock soul-searching with the obligatory "look back at my career" & "how much I have grown yet how much more I need to learn" bit.

Also Aug is the busiest period of the year here as the term starts this month. We launched various new projects (no I'm not going to sneak in references to the projects just launched) as well as doing orientations for freshman & new graduate students, so feeling a bit too drained to blog much though I have quite few blog posts on the back-burner, but not good enough to be published.

Anyway to reward myself, I'm going to play Elemental : War Of Magic.

I've being following the development of this game for years, I hear it's almost as fun as being a librarian. If my blogging rate suffers for the next few months, you know what to blame. :)

PS : For those reading this blog for library ideas (practically all of you), have a look at the following post on innovations in reference services , the idea of putting services at "point of need" is something I need to learn how to do better.
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