Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fixing old problems vs launching new initiatives

Every library has problems that everyone knows about and are common user complaints but are ignored because the problem seems to be too huge, too large , too costly, too impossible, too everything to fix. People trying to even think about solving that problem  will have a voice in the head that goes ... "If it's so easy to solve, someone else would have solved it." or  "Who do you think you are to think you can solve the problem when so many in the past have failed?"

Isn't it any wonder that's it's a lot easier to spend ones energy launching some new sexy idea that was see or read at a library conference, or run with some totally new service to keep up with the jones.

Trying new initiatives without any clear idea why other than to play follower the leader, is often a fool's game, akin to getting solutions looking for problems to solve.

But why not try to solve existing problems? At least you know success would mean making a big score. You have nothing to lose, since you are expect to fail. Succeed and be forever remembered for having done the impossible.
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