Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm a Library Journal Mover & Shaker 2011!

I suppose by now many of you have heard, I was named as a Library Journal Mover & Shaker 2011!

I woke up to my phone beeping like crazy from congratulatory messages on Twitter and Facebook, went to the link and it was almost surreal to see my profile alongside names such as Bobbi Newman, Buffy Hamilton and Ned Potter etc.

Feelings turned from being shell shocked (me? really?), followed by euphoria (omg!), and as more kind messages from amazing librarians, many of whom I admire poured in, I started to feel slightly embarrassed (me a "tech leader" ?) . There are so many amazing international and American librarians who deserve this honour as well, you will be sure I'm going to pay it forward (thanks Toby  for nomination) and nominate some of them for 2012!

Besides thanks due to close friends , colleagues and family members who provide me with emotional support (you know who you are!) and librarians who inspire me, one thing I cannot stress enough is how grateful I feel towards my employers, who trust me enough to let me try my ideas despite my relative inexperience. This freedom to experiment and innovate is something I often take for granted and of course I really shouldn't.

I'm truly humbled and honoured but hopefully this will not change in any way my love for the profession, and I hope to be able to continue serving and contributing to the library profession and members of our library community to the best of my abilities.

Thank you all for the many, many warm congratulations that have being pouring in all day via email, Twitter and Facebook. To readers of my blog, people who I follow or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, you are all amazing, and I learn a lot from you all the time.

Yes, I'm in a reflective mood today, but don't worry it won't last, I have a blog post on discovery tools all lined up next that I'm very excited about! :)

Yours in Librarianship
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