Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Library 2.011 - Attend a free online Library Conference -Nov 2 to Nov 4! My picks.

We all know that library conferences are expensive. Though I fully enjoyed my experience at ALA Annual earlier this year, for someone like me in Singapore, it is hard to expect to attend many such conferences overseas because of the distance. That is why I am amazed that there is this free World Wide Virtual Conference Library 2.011 conducted solely online using BlackBoard collaborate software from November 2 - 4, 2011. The conference is sponsored by the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University.

Yes, it's free! With sessions almost round the clock from today Nov 2, 10pm (+8 GMT). Check out the schedule here , even someone like me from Asia can attend sessions because it has sessions from 9 am to 11pm (my time).

Among those presenting, I spot Ellen Forsyth "read and tweet : a twitter reading group everyone can join" (November 3, 10am – 11am, GMT +8, session link) & Gwyneth Jones "QR Codes in the Classroom" (Fri, November 4, 5am – 6am, GMT +8, session link) - both are my fellow LJ Mover & Shakers (class of 2011) , not to mention various renown keynote speakers like Stephen Abram and Michael Stephens.

Others that look interesting to me (all times at +8 GMT), click on date to go to the live session

1. Librarians Use of Social Media Profile Photos (November 3, 12am)- Studies whether librarians use profiles or not on Libguides

2. Virtual Reference and Instruction: What is it really like? (November 2, 11pm) - Providing online reference services to almost 116,000 students
3. Don’t Just Sit There! Tips for Engaging Participants in Online Sessions (November 3, 2am) - A bit self referential? But I have recently started doing webex sessions for online instruction, so this looks interesting.
4. Read, Watch, or Talk: 3 Methods for Engaging in Library Instruction (November 3, 4am) - Similar to the last one, but I think focuses more on creating video tutorials
6. Personal Librarian Programs Build Connections - (November 3) - Interesting idea - Personal Librarian programme
9. So I’ve Checked In…Now What?: Libraries and foursquare (November 4, 3am) - I claimed our Foursquare venues already...... curious about what University of Hawaii, Manoa does with it....
10. Down with the FAQ! Bring in the Dynamic PKB (Public Knowledge Base) (November 4, 5am) - Was curious what this was, until I realized this refers to LibAnswers , which we use too. Now I am even more curious......
11. Google+: A Plus (or Minus) for Libraries? (November 4, 5am) - What does a academic librarian think about Google+ ?
13. Reference Redux: The Changing Role of the Reference Librarian (November 4, 10am) - Thinking a lot lately on changing reference desk models...

To my dismay, a lot of the ones I want to attend is at 3am-5am belt! But you know what? They are all recorded as well! Honestly it's fair to say that content wise it is a match for many library conferences where you have to pay for though of course you do miss the physical face to face networking experience.

I was debating whether to present as well and almost cancelled but I guess given that I recently started presenting to students online using a similar web conferencing tool, I guess it's a sign I should be bold and go for it.

I will be presenting on our experience on proactive scanning for mentions of our library on Twitter and social media and how users react when we respond to them. What is the line between being helpful and being perceived as Big Brotherish?

14. Proactively scanning Twitter & the web for feedback - How are users reacting? (November 3, 8pm – 9pm) , Session link , (Add to calender)

Needless to say I am really nervous, so wish me luck!

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