Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Salem Press Library Blog Awards 2012 - Best Academic Library Blog


I am proud and honoured to receive the 2012 Salem Press Library Blog Award - Best Academic Library Blog!

Time flies and more than three years have passed since I decided to first blog on a whim. Compared to the earlier years where ideas and blog posts flowed so fast I could barely set them down fast enough, I was struggling a bit this year to come up with good posts so I was pleasantly surprised to be listed as a finalist  (my first time ever!).

A glance at the nominees showed I was in very good company including heavy weights and long time bloggers like Stephen's Lighthouse , iLibrarian , Librarian by Day (eventual winner in Public Library category), David Lee KingBlue Skunk BlogDaring LibrarianAll These Birds with Teeth Agnostic, Maybe etc. 

In particular in my category among other strong nominees like Bibliographic Wilderness (a top notch blog on cataloguing/semantic web/Systems), Scholarly Open Access (of Beall’s List of Predatory Open-Access Publishers fame)Spurious Tuples (hello fellow LSWer!)Waki Librarian (great coverage of conference sessions) there was also Sue Polanka's No Shelf Required which probably needs no introduction as *the* place to keep update about ebooks in libraries and eventually placed second. 

Amazing company to be in. For a full list of nominees, winners and runnerups see http://salempress.com/Store/blogs/2012_blogs.htm . Congrats to everyone and thank you for those who nominated and/or voted for me.

The description above about me is a bit too kind particularly the bit about how my blog helps others to "replicate his successes at our own libraries". I am not sure if I have that many successes to replicate. :)

Seriously, no one library has a monopoly on innovation and successes, and in fact a common theme in many of my blog posts is to collect the different examples of creative ideas/implementations on a given topic (e.g mobile, discovery tools, social media uses etc) and put them in one convenient place, for my own future reference if I ever need to do the same projects and I am gratified to see that this seems useful to many readers as well.

I am constantly amazed to find for pretty much any topic I can think of researching, I will find several libraries are usually ahead of me, already having implemented interesting ideas for me to learn from.

In particular recently I have learnt and drawn inspiration from the work of Dave Pattern of University HuddersfieldMatthew Reidsma of Grand Valley State University ,  Ken Varnum of University of Michigan Library , discussions with the gang at LSW and of course my Personal Learning Network on Twitter. etc

This blog couldn't exist without the collective energy, passion and creativity of  librarians around the world for me to tap on and if I have ever highlighted any of your work or ideas, or benefited from your insight, thank you.

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