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More good library related video that spoofs movies or tv

Some of my most popular blog posts in 2010 include 12 good library videos that spoofs movies or tv and Funniest library related movies made using Xtranormal.

It has been almost 3 years since then, and libraries have been hard at working creating more interesting yet professional videos. These are some of my favourites including some I missed the last time around.

1. The Research Games - by Texas A&M University Libraries 

Everyone loves a good spoof, this one by Texas A&M University Libraries  is a high quality movie spoof of The Hunger Games. The theme fits beautifully, with librarians talking the roles of mentors/ex-victors, giving advice.

It's a very high quality production, if there is any weakness it is that if you haven't read the book or watched the movie (which I hadn't at the time this video was released), you may not catch all the references.

After watching the movie and reading the book, I really appreciated how clever this was.

Don't miss the concluding episode here.

2. Research Rescue  - by The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit 

In our original 12 good library videos that spoofs movies or tv, we included at #8 a "Cops" like spoof. But this one by The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit  looks even better.

It actually makes a librarian look really cool, I want a "Research Rescue" badge too! Incidentally it made me realise the phrase "Research rescue" is actually used by a few libraries!

Watch Episode 2 "Book Fort" and concluding Episode 3 "And We're Done"

3. BR | Harold B. Lee Library Book Repair by The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit

Seriously, I could fill the list here with just productions from The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit . Among some of the ones I liked includes the short but effective videos using unreliable sources like fortune tellers, used car sales persons to drive in the point of using reliably sources. See Library Databases | The Card Reader , Library Databases | The Used Car Salesman and the Library Databases | YouTube Kid

I also liked the warm, moving, THE Library | What Changes Us video as well as the National Treasure like Special Collections | Theatrical Trailer, not to mention the famous Old Spice spoofs

But in the end the one I am going to showcase is BR, book repair , a spoof of ER the TV show opening credits. If you have ever watched the show you will marvel at how good this is. I would add this concept isn't new , see Arlington Heights Memorial Library's Technical Services for a less polished example.

4. The Science Network - A Social Network Parody

Not sure who did this one, but it's a brilliant spoof of the trailer the Social Network but instead of Facebook as the subject it's Pubmed. Arguably Mendeley is a better fit :)

5. Find the Future at the New York Public Library Game Trailer by NYPL

I have written in the past on how adept the New York Public Library is with using Social media, they of course also produce high quality videos. There's The Haunted Library and also NYPL Milstein Suspense Trailer. Still the trailer to the Find the Future NYPL Game Trailer with its X-files type feel is still my favorite by far though NYPL Milstein Suspense Trailer comes close .

6. The Most Interesting Librarian in the World at Library and Information Science grad students at the iSchool of Syracuse University

By a group of library students, this spoofs the by now famous "Most interesting man in the world" ads, and is of course a famous meme. Here's another similar spoof involving a real-life librarian

7. Detection Trailer- Inception Parody/Spoof for Burlingame Public Library

Haven't seen any inception Parodies involving libraries. This was done as promotion for a detective type game for Burlingame Public Library.

8. Victory Lap by The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit

Okay I couldn't resist, added one last one by The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit. Entitled victory lap, it's so fun, I couldn't resist including it in.

Honorary Mentions

I have always been impressed by the level of professionalism by the Arizona State University Libraries "The Library Minute" series. Smart, cool and hip.

I know librarians modifying hit songs and doing musical style videos is so overdone (eg Lady Gaga, I will survive, Thriller etc) but I just have a soft spot for Read it Maybe (NYSRA 2012)  

Are there any other library videos you like? Let us know in the comments.
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