Thursday, October 2, 2014

From Confusion to Expertise - an experimental post on Medium

Trying something new this time. I have started to post on Medium. Read the post "From Confusion to Expertise" there.

Some brief impressions

  • The interface is indeed as clean and well designed as I have heard, allowing writers to knock out simple yet professional looking posts.

  • One of the selling points of Medium, where you can easily submit to "collections" is gone. In the past you could submit your stories to any collection without prior invites. You could also submit one story to more than one collection. It was one of the selling points of Medium, where you only followed collections instead of individual posters. 

Some collections on libraries on Medium 

I have 262 followers on Medium. I think they found me mostly via Twitter

  • The interesting feature to add comments at the paragraph level is something I wonder if will encourage more comments?

  • Always wondered how much of my long rambling posts are read. Medium has stats on this.

As you can see, without any extra marketing via my own Twitter or Facebook networks, Medium posts don't seem to draw a lot of views after 1 day.


All in all, while Medium is interesting, I wonder if it really does anything unique enough to be worth abandoning existing platforms like Blogger or even Tumblr.

This holds for whether one is thinking of doing it for institutional libraries or academics thinking of using blogging to spread their work. I haven't gone out of my way to look for academics doing so but I notice Adeline Koh of Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature, Director of DH@Stockton at Richard Stockton College doing so and creating a interesting collection on "Chinese Privilege in Singapore" (Singapore is 70% ethnic Chinese).

A small plug for Internet Librarian International 14

I don't do this often (or at all!) but would like to mention that the Internet Librarian International 2014 will be on at the end of October.

I was at the 2012 event (read about my experiences here) and I can sincerely say it remains my favourite conference so far. While I have gone to bigger conferences eg ALA Annual, ILI 2014 seems to my type of conference.

As I blogged back then "I suspect if you like most of the things I blog about here, the conference would be a natural fit for you." I have gone to a few more conferences since then, and my thoughts on this haven't changed.

Every year since then, I have received brochures for ILI, and the talks and speakers on display are always excellent with a good blend of speakers from England, Australia, US and Scandinavian countries etc. This year is no different with star speakers such as Jan Holmquist (on Gamification) attending.

It's a pity I can't go to ILI more often, but if you do have the funds, do consider ILI 2014.

Disclosure: I am listed as on the advisory board on ILI 2014, though I am embarrassed to admit, I haven't done much advising. 

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