Friday, June 17, 2016

Emaze a new presentation tool & on becoming a academic librarian in Singapore

It's probably a coincidence but I have been recently getting queries about pursuing a career as a academic librarian in Singapore, so I decided to write "So you want to be a academic librarian in Singapore?"

This is my way of giving back a little to the profession. I hope it will be useful to people curious or interested in potentially joining us in academic libraries in Singapore. For qualified librarians feel free to send me your comments and suggestions for improvements.

As always, everything here is my own personal opinion and not endorsed or supported by my employers or the Library Association of Singapore.

I've also recently started playing around with a interesting presentation tool called emaze. It's hard to describe but it's basically powerpoint-like with slides similar to Google slides or Slide Rocket but the templates available makes your presentations really different.

Below I tried converting part of my long boring FAQ into a slide presentation using the "gallery" template.

Use arrow keys to advance.

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