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Aaron Tay is currently a Senior Librarian at the National University of Singapore Libraries (read the story of how he became a librarian) which serves more than 30,000 students. Besides his normal librarian duties, currently he serves also has the e-services facilitator of NUS Libraries with duties covering

  • Libguides, Libanswers
  • Chat service
  • Social media
  • Mobile services
  • Discovery service & link resolver

A relatively inexperienced librarian (he joined in Aug 2007), he is probably too inquisitive for his own good, constantly tweaking and coming up with half-baked ideas many of which don't work. He use this blog to hear himself think on new areas of librarianship he is learning, half of what he writes maybe out of ignorance, so don't be fooled by the authoritative style of writing :)

To his utter amazement he was actually named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker 2011 in the "Tech Leaders" category & Library Association of Singapore (LAS) Outstanding Newcomer! Even more surprisingly, he was voted as "Best Speaker" at the LAS Libraries for Tomorrow 2011 Seminar, when he is known to be a terrible speaker that talks way too fast. :)

He has a wide variety of interests in librarianship including but not limited to
Selected Library Projects  
  • Mobile services (2012-2014) - Team lead
  • Discovery services (2013-) - Team lead + 360link
  • Social Media (2012-2014) - Team lead
  • inSync Library survey (2013) - Analyst
  • Library catalogue & Discovery evaluation committee (2011-2012) User Interface Co-ordinator   
  • Chat Reference Service (2010-) - Project Lead  
  • LibGuides and LibAnswers (2010-) - Project Lead
  • Library Twitter/Facebook account (2009-2012)   
  • Redesign of Library Portal (2010-2012) - Member with responsibilities for mobile and customization option
  • Lean sigma project (2007-2008) - Project Lead to streamline Document Delivery Process
  • LibQual (2009) - Analyst 
  • Use of Choice experiments to Value NLB library services (2008-2010) - Researcher
Other Library teams he is or was on
  1. EndNote team (2009-2010) - Lead for FASS team.
  2. Cited Reference team (2010-) - Team member
  3. Social Science Resource team (2007-) - Serves the Faculty of Arts and Social Science in NUS
  4. Cataloguing and acquisitions team (2007-2009)

Selected presentations

Selected Publications
  • Managing volume in discovery systems In book: Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems, Chapter: Managing volume in discovery systems, Publisher: Facet Publishing, Editors: Louise Spiteri, pp.113-135, 2016
  • Tay, A., & Yikang, F. (2015). Implementing a Bento-Style Search in LibGuides v2. Code4Lib Journal, (29).
  • Designing Low-Cost Mobile Websites for Libraries - ASIST Bulletin. 10/2011
  • Improving Wikipedia's accuracy: Is edit age a solution? - JASIST. 01/2008; 59:318-330.
  • Using FourSquare: check-ins are not just for books! - Library Management, Vol. 34 Iss: 6/7, pp.433 - 447
  • Helping Users Help themselves - Maximising LibAnswers Usage IN "Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services: A LITA Guide" - ALA tech Source, 2013, p175-190
  • More

Selected list of "mentions"

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