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Aaron Tay is currently a Senior Librarian at the National University of Singapore Libraries (read the story of how he became a librarian) which serves more than 30,000 students. Besides his normal librarian duties, currently he serves also has the e-services facilitator of NUS Libraries with duties covering

  • Libguides, Libanswers
  • Chat service
  • Social media
  • Mobile services
  • Discovery service & link resolver

A relatively inexperienced librarian (he joined in Aug 2007), he is probably too inquisitive for his own good, constantly tweaking and coming up with half-baked ideas many of which don't work. :)

To his utter amazement he was actually named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker 2011 in the "Tech Leaders" category & Library Association of Singapore (LAS) Outstanding Newcomer! Even more surprisingly, he was voted as "Best Speaker" at the LAS Libraries for Tomorrow 2011 Seminar, when he is known to be a terrible speaker that talks way too fast. :)

He has a wide variety of interests in librarianship including but not limited to
Selected Library Projects  
  • Mobile services (2012-2014) - Team lead
  • Discovery services (2013-) - Team lead + 360link
  • Social Media (2012-2014) - Team lead
  • inSync Library survey (2013) - Analyst
  • Library catalogue & Discovery evaluation committee (2011-2012) User Interface Co-ordinator   
  • Chat Reference Service (2010-) - Project Lead  
  • LibGuides and LibAnswers (2010-) - Project Lead
  • Library Twitter/Facebook account (2009-2012)   
  • Redesign of Library Portal (2010-2012) - Member with responsibilities for mobile and customization option
  • Lean sigma project (2007-2008) - Project Lead to streamline Document Delivery Process
  • LibQual (2009) - Analyst 
  • Use of Choice experiments to Value NLB library services (2008-2010) - Researcher
Other Library teams he is or was on
  1. EndNote team (2009-2010) - Lead for FASS team.
  2. Cited Reference team (2010-) - Team member
  3. Social Science Resource team (2007-) - Serves the Faculty of Arts and Social Science in NUS
  4. Cataloguing and acquisitions team (2007-2009)

Selected presentations

Selected Publications
  • Managing volume in discovery systems In book: Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems, Chapter: Managing volume in discovery systems, Publisher: Facet Publishing, Editors: Louise Spiteri, pp.113-135, 2016
  • Tay, A., & Yikang, F. (2015). Implementing a Bento-Style Search in LibGuides v2. Code4Lib Journal, (29).
  • Designing Low-Cost Mobile Websites for Libraries - ASIST Bulletin. 10/2011
  • Improving Wikipedia's accuracy: Is edit age a solution? - JASIST. 01/2008; 59:318-330.
  • Using FourSquare: check-ins are not just for books! - Library Management, Vol. 34 Iss: 6/7, pp.433 - 447
  • Helping Users Help themselves - Maximising LibAnswers Usage IN "Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services: A LITA Guide" - ALA tech Source, 2013, p175-190
  • More

Selected list of "mentions"

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